Valarv is a marine invertebrate native to Telios Prime. The high mineral and metallic content of its exoskeleton have served to create the larger reef systems of the ocean of this world. Valarv is a unicellular life form that lives on other unicellular life forms. It builds enormous colonies, and the remains of dead valarv serve as a foundation for these colonies. The reproductive rate of valarv is very high, and this offsets the very short lifespan of the creature. Because of this rapidity, Telians have cultivated valarv for more than a millenia, and it has been used in the construction of everything from jewellery to more recently of course, structural members for space stations and more. It is possible to induce valarv to grow around and into certain shapes. Once fully grown and hardened, the material can be shaped, polished and cut, although with greater difficulty as it ages.

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