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Warped beings are beings with a stange, unexplainable mutation caused by one or more of a strange series of greatswords (one of which is kept by Shimeran Hlim). There are four different types of Warped beings:

Flesh-eaters: These Warped are usually male, and either Wotovik or Snelg, though some are Kelosian. There has never been recorded of a Forseers flesh-eater. Flesh-eaters' lives are prolonged extremely by the strange weapon(s), and they have an undeniable hunger for flesh that they must satisfy or die trying. They usually have two large fangs in the front and back of their mouth. Flesh-eaters grow large wings over time and thus can fly extremely fast. Their strength is unmatchable to a normal being. The Destroyer is thought to have been a Tetnik who was Warped beyond recognition and absorbed some of the Dark One's power.

Enchanters: This type of Warped is always Kelosian, and similiar to flesh-eaters in that they too rely on other beings for food, but echanters only seek blood instead of flesh. Echanters are so named because of their ability to hypnotize the opposite gender of any race that resembles Kelosians in any way. Echanters are usually female, but some male echanters have been recorded. Echanters also have extended age.

Casters: Always Forseers, casters are extremely powerful in the ancient art of Duaess, and are almost unbeatable in a battle of magic. Although small, casters special ability is to make themselves heavier or lighter. There is no extended age benefit of casters.

Elementians: Any race can be transformed into an elementian, however Snelg are the most likely. The rarest of the four types of warped beings, elementians can control the elements to certain extents, depending on age, although there is no age extension for elementians. Elementians also have the ability to communicate with primal lifeforms.

All types of Warped beings are immune to the powers of enchanters.

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