Star Name Yxwéo
Scientific Name UB765-Galtxqrehw
Class 2.0
Avg Temperature 10,526 Kin
Luminosity 2.1205E+29 SMU/GY
Mass 0.805E+20 tetrels
Radius 16,202,984 millipars
Age 5.55 billion GY
Governorship None
Government None
Governor None
Alliances None
Largest Civilization Not Known
Capital None
Weights and Measures Various
Language Various
Society Class Unknown
Population Unknown
Anthem None
Motto None
Currency None
Productivity Unknown
GDP Unknown
Imports None
Exports None

Yxwéo is a star system located in the Dalimic Sector of the Urcx Arm of Basilicus Prime. The system is primitively advanced and it inhabitants know nothing of external systems and have little contact with each other.

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