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Location Edit

The Zeroth Ring is located on the outer rim of the Zeroth star system.

Overview Edit

The Zeroth Ring is the result of using the Zargoth Shield. The Ring's creation was completely accidental, however, research on the Ring showed that it was an unpredictable event and dreadfully unstable, because it contains Zeralium, as well as Orothite. The Ring created an impenetrable barrier between the Zeroth System and the rest of the universe. The same is as the reverse. The Ring destabilizes the space around the system, randomly opening and closing holes in space, creating miniature blackholes with anywhere from 500 times to 100000 times the gravitational force, but has an extremely short range. Also, the Ring creates wormholes that could be useful if they were stable or even had an ending. The Ring dispite all its faults its composition makes it possible to allow life on the outer planets of the system. Safe transportation through the Ring was made possible in 100 GST.

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